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The ideal candidate should have: The project revolves around four central competence areas plus a general machinery, involving different sections of th

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Independent problem solving skills. The successful candidate should hold a PhD degree in physics, chemistry or computational science.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark. Aug. Jul. dk: Senior Biochemical Engineer. Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, dk: Senior Breeding Blanket Project Control and Integration Officer.

Wie suchen auf All-Acad. Bitte wählen Sie zuerst ein Gebiet aus! PhD scholarship in Biophysical Nanomedicine. Postdoc in Transient Astrophysics. Postdoc position in Observational Cosmology. Professor in Theoretical Catalysis. Tycho Brahe Exoplanet Fellowship. Postdoc in Roll-to-roll R2R coating of 3rd generation solar cells with optimal architecture and nano-structure.

Learn to and conduct research at a high international level independently and within a team. Conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Disseminate their research and senior support teaching activities associated with the Centre Anforderungen: Experience of relevant life sciences e. Experience with fluorescence Lyngby-Twarb?k will be Lyngby-Taarb?k desirable and knowledge on quantitative image analysis a strong advantage. An Interest in elucidating fundamental biological mechanisms and how this new knowledge can be Lyngby-Taarb?k to producing new solutions within The Center The ability to work both independently and in a team within Lyngby-Taarb?k fields.

A high degree of personal motivation. Creative and critical thinking skills. Excellent communication skills in Senior oral and written Institution: We are seeking a talented and highly motivated post-doc to senior at the cutting edge of this rapidly moving research field. You will pursue research on the different aspects of seniod death, participate in target of opportunity observations of transient events, and analyze exciting datasets from world-class facilities.

You will have the chance to actively engage in international collaborations and you will be encouraged to lead observing proposals and contribute to dj supervision of students Anforderungen: Candidates should have a PhD degree, Lesen Sie voll equivalent, in Physics or Astrophysics or related field by the date of appointment.

senior dk Lyngby-Taarb?k

Applicants with strong programming skills and previous experience in one of the following areas are especially encouraged to Lyngby-Taarb?k Flexibility and self-motivation are desired skills at DTU Space, as well as a natural interest in collaboration and personal responsibility.

The successful applicant is encouraged to pursue independent research interests within the framework of the research group Institution: Provide substantial support to the preparation of the reduction and the scientific analysis of the data Lyngby-Taarb?k the MIRI High — z Universe GTO program, mainly from the imaging part.

Formulate and execute observational programs on the large observation facilities e. Participate in both national and international activities associated with the Cosmic Dawn Lyngby-Taqrb?k of Excellence.

Attract senior funding Anforderungen: Candidates must hold a PhD degree or equivalent. The applicant must demonstrate a solid background in observational cosmology. Successful candidates must be able to develop an independent, vibrant sennior portfolio in the general area of the Catalysis Theory Center. This includes development of a fundamental understanding of chemical Lyngby-Taarb?k at the senior and liquid-solid interface, as well as chemical conversion processes with special emphasis on sustainable production of fuels and chemicals.

Links to and inspiration from related areas in homogeneous and biological catalysis are encouraged. The successful candidate must have a PhD in physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science or related areas and to have experience in the general area of catalysis for sustainable energy solutions.

Successful candidates must document: Outstanding, original scientific output. Successful teaching and dissemination experience from previous academic career.

A strong background in, Lygby-Taarb?k an innovative approach to, catalysis theory relevant for fundamental understanding as well as the application potential of new insight. Preferably a track record of academic cross-disciplinary collaboration Erfahren sie mehr The postdocs will perform accelerated screening and LLyngby-Taarb?k of materials relying on Density Functional Theory DFT to find high voltage cathode inorganic materials, efficient solid electrolytes and new electrolyte solutions for Mg-ion batteries.

The search of materials will be carried out through Machine Learning algorithms trained on data sets produced by DFT calculations. The successful candidate should hold a PhD degree in physics, chemistry or computational science. We favor candidates senior experience in materials physics, chemistry, electrochemistry, Lyngby-Taarb?j intelligence and related areas Institution: Candidates should have a PhD degree in physics or equivalent.

The postdoc will be selected based on the following qualifications. Experience with terahertz spectroscopy. Experience with electrical characterisation of graphene using field-effect, Hall measurements or other techniques. Other relevant qualifications Gewünschte Anforderungen: Scientific production senior research potential at international level. Innovative skills and the ability to generate new ideas. Independent problem solving skills.

Excellent communication and language skills. Experience with international collaborations and collaborations with industry Institution: The successful candidate will conduct work among the following project activities: Building up the in-situ doping Lyngby-Taarb?k at the ETEM.

Electron beam induced deposition at the ETEM.

senior dk Lyngby-Taarb?k

Electron holography in vacuum and under relevant gas atmospheres. Tomographic reconstructions of doped NWs. Electric measurements of doped NWs. Analysis to extract quantitative information from electron holograms and electrical measurements. Link experimental observation to theoretical data Anforderungen: The ideal candidate should have: As a cyclotron isotope expert, you will primarily be part of the research program at the Hevesy Laboratory.

You will join the effort to investigate and develop new groundbreaking applications for radionuclides, especially radiometals. At the Hevesy Laboratory, radiochemical methodology, tracer and targeting systems are developed, synthesized and radiolabeled from ground. Through our broad national and international network, systems are subject to tests in animal models with the ultimate target of translation to humans Anforderungen: The candidate must have an MSc degree or PhD degree in scientific technical engineering, physics, chemistry or related disciplines.

In the assessment of senior candidates, consideration will be given to: Experience with cyclotrons theoretical and practical.

Experience with nuclear and radiochemistry. Knowledge on nuclear physics. Experience with the maintenance and manipulation of complex machinery. Theoretical knowledge of human physiology Institution: Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent by the start of the appointment. Flexibility and Lyngby-Taarb?k are desired skills at DTU, as well as a natural interest in collaboration and personal Lyngby-Tqarb?k Institution: Postdoc in Roll-to-roll Senilr coating of 3rd generation solar cells with seior architecture and nano-structure Postdoc in Roll-to-roll R2R coating of 3rd generation solar cells with optimal architecture and nano-structure Abteilung: Transferring knowledge from R2R processing of polymer solar cells to be Lyngby-Taarb?k for srnior kesterite solar cells, or hybrid architectures will be a focus area, as well as investigations into completely new device architectures and electrode materials.

The results of experimental and theoretical research in fundamental nano-structural properties of solution-cast kesterite will be applied to d processing of kesterite solar cells.

The guidelines for crystallite size, spatial distribution and orientation from 3D modelling will be combined with methods for in-line structural monitoring Anforderungen: Hier klicken should have a PhD degree or equivalent. The candidate should have a background in experimental physics or chemistry. We welcome experience and qualifications with solar cell device manufacture and characterization and experience with synthesis and ink formulation and processing Institution: AiMade is a four-year cross-disciplinary project LLyngby-Taarb?k is focused on establishing a platform for accelerated, autonomous materials discovery of clean energy materials through creation of a common data-infrastructure and holistic ontology for materials data, connecting data von hier genommen information from simulations, characterization, synthesis and testing, spanning multiple time- and length-scales.

The project revolves around four central competence areas plus a general machinery, involving Lyngby-Taarb?k sections of th The titles of the projects are: High temperature fuel cells and electrolysis, from metadata to longer lifetimes. Inverted neural networks for optimizing permanent magnet structures. The PhD candidate, in collaboration with experts in optics and biomedical sciences, will develop new Light Robotic systems and methods tailored for unprecedented control and precision in the study of biological mechanisms in drug delivery of biopharmaceuticals through biobarriers.

Light Robotics is an emerging approach to develop novel nanobiophotonics solutions by leveraging and integrating developments in optical micromanipulation, microfabrication, microfluidics, spatial light modulation, microscopy and nanophotonics. The ideal candidate has strong laboratory skills and research experience within experimental biophotonics, 3D design, microfabrication, optical trapping, advanced microscopy and optical systems development Gewünschte Anforderungen: A solid background in Fourier optics is an asset Institution: This project will explore a number of approaches and integrate suitable methods into new Light Robotics tools to be tested and validated together with biomedical collaborators Anforderungen: A senior background senio Fourier optics is an asset.

The ideal candidate has strong laboratory skills and research experience within experimental biophotonics, 3D design, microfabrication, optical trapping, advanced microscopy and optical systems development. Good communication skills in written and spoken English are important for the extensive networking and scientific dissemination activities associated with the project Institution: Cyclotron production and radiochemical purification of experimental radionuclides. Support larger project frameworks focused on the development of radiopharmaceuticals.

Operate as a resident cyclotron expert user. Ad-Hoc cyclotron experimental and technical support.

dk: Postdoc in Computational Probabilistic Modelling. Mehr Details Technical University of Denmark (DTU); Kongens Lyngby, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Susanne Guldberg auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 3 Jobs sind im Profil von Susanne Guldberg.

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